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Re-imagining Early Childhood Education

Join Play Sense in providing leading-edge early childhood education for brighter futures.

When you work with young children to be the best version of themselves, you become an architect of the future. Your influence can transform their physical, socio-emotional and intellectual development. A brighter futures start with you and quality play-based learning in the early years.

Become A Member of The
Play Sense Tribe

Whether you want to enhance your current role through our training or explore owning your own play school, Play Sense is committed to nurturing your love for shaping little hearts and minds.

Accredited Teacher Training

Teachers are the architects of the future. What a privilege and an awesome responsibility! And at Play Sense we are passionate about reimagining early childhood education and inspiring teachers to provide the best foundation to build future legends. We believe that our masterclasses can make this the best year of teaching yet and help teachers leave an undeniable mark on the lives of little ones!

Earn SACE CPTD points for every Masterclass you attend

Play Sense Franchise Program

Open a profitable micro-playschool with the leaders in play-based learning.

For? Teachers, Therapists, Entrepreneurs

Embark on a fulfilling career as a play school business owner

Intentional Teaching Resources

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Reimagining ECE: Teaching Future Legends. Presented by Occupational Therapists and early years experts, Meg Faure & Lara Schoenfeld.

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Our Principles

Our ethos of play-based learning is designed to bring out the best in each child. Here are
the goals of Play Sense early education

To help little ones develop emotional self-regulation.

To cultivate social human beings who contribute meaningfully to the world.

To nurture little one’s intrinsic motivation to explore, master and learn.

Develop Minds
To develop engaged learners who learn planning and problem solving through play.

To reach milestones of toddlerhood in gross motor, language and perceptual skills.


To encourage a sense of identity and belonging; and develop empathy and care.

Learning Objectives

Problem solving
Self regulation

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