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Putting the child at the centre of playful learning

At Play Sense we believe that traditional play school models are outdated and no longer fit for the world we live in. We believe (and the research agrees) that learning should be done in small groups, led by a nurturing, skilled teacher and it should be done through play – when little minds are open to exploring and mastering new skills and concepts. Our model embodies all of these factors to deliver progressive, leading early education that truly prepares little ones for the world we live i

Co-founder: Meg Faure

Meg is an OT & the author of the Sense Series, including the best selling Baby Sense and Weaning Sense books. She specialises in Sensory Integration and is passionate about supporting parents to raise confident, well-adjusted little beings.

Co-founder: Lara Schoenfeld

Lara is an OT and the founder of Nanny’n Me. Lara has lectured extensively about play-based learning and developed Play Sense’s curriculum and continues to enhance learning and teaching tools for the business.


Our Principles

Our ethos of play-based learning is designed to bring out the best in each child. Here are
the goals of Play Sense early education

To help little ones develop emotional self-regulation.

To cultivate social human beings who contribute meaningfully to the world.

To nurture little one’s intrinsic motivation to explore, master and learn.

Develop Minds
To develop engaged learners who learn planning and problem solving through play.

To reach milestones of toddlerhood in gross motor, language and perceptual skills.


To encourage a sense of identity and belonging; and develop empathy and care.

Our mission at Play Sense is to bring the magic of learning to life and provide the gold standard of early childhood education through our accredited play-based curriculum and exceptional teacher training.

We are actively re-imagining early childhood education to create a space where families can give their children the best start to learning and life.

From the Co-Founders

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