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Once in a lifetime Opportunity! Join Meg faure and Lara Shoenfeld in our once off live Play Based Training Course

Our Play Based training solution opens doors to various opportunities

Potential School Ownership

Equip yourself to open your own school with further training, armed with the insights and knowledge needed to create a thriving educational institution.

In School or Therapy Environment Use

For educators already in established institutions, School in a Box offers a fresh perspective on enriching classroom experiences and fostering holistic development.

Elevate Classroom Teaching

Even if you remain in your current teaching role, the expertise gained from School in a Box enables you to become a highly skilled play-based educator, bringing innovative teaching methods into your classroom.

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About Play Sense

Learn more about becoming a Play Sense franchise owner?

  • Play Sense offers one of the most affordable franchise opportunities available on the market.
  • Play Sense comprehensive training empowers you to start your own business and succeed.
  • You don’t have to do it all alone. You have 360° operational, admin, marketing and teacher support.