Masterclass 3:
The Sensory Child & Classroom

Harnessing the sensory system to get the most out of every child

The sensory system in young children is a powerful mechanism to bring learning to life. By understanding how and why children filter and process sensory information, you can tailor the environment and ensure that you are making the biggest impact on each little one’s ability to learn and master the lessons you are offering them.

This ground-breaking Masterclass is presented by OT, author and early years expert, Meg Faure. Meg has lectured extensively about sensory processing and sensory integration to OTs and teachers, nationally and internationally. Her lifelong work in the ‘senses’ make for meaningful and insightful learning into the subject that ill empower you to refine and improve your teaching skills.  

Here’s more of what is in store:

The sensory system is probably one of the most underutilised tools in ECD.  By acknowledging that young children learn primarily through their senses and adapting to those sensory needs, we are part of a powerful paradigm shift in early education.

What else do you need to know?

If you are an ECD teacher, play/speech or occupational therapist who wants to enhance your teaching and leverage the sensory system for improved individual outcomes, then join this Masterclass.