Masterclass 2:
Collaborative Early Intervention

How to identify and refer toddlers who require therapeutic intervention

As a teacher, you will work with children in varying stages of development as our education system becomes more diverse and inclusive. The rate at which one child develops will differ from another – but when is it cause for concern? In this Masterclass, practicing Occupational Therapist, Lara Court, will outline a framework to determine a preschooler’s development and give you the tools to recognise delays. You will also be given Best Practice guidance on how to successfully communicate concerns with parents and suitably refer the child to the right specialist.

If you work with children under 5 years old, this Masterclass is an absolute must. Here’s what will be covered in the Masterclass:

Who should attend? 

ECD or preschool teachers who want an in-depth understanding of neurodiversity and the practical knowledge to recognise and address concerns in your classroom.