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Masterclass 1: The Power of Play: How guided play creates meaningful learning in ECD classrooms

Playfulness – what is it, why is it disappearing from our schools and how we can bring it back to life. In this Masterclass, OT and Play Sense co-founder, Lara Schoenfeld discusses the emotional, social, and academic value of play. She explores the science behind play, using diverse types of play and your role as a teacher in using play to teach.

Here’s more of what’s in store:

Many ECD Teachers intuitively know that play and playful learning is the best thing for 2 to 5 year olds but feel apprehensive to incorporate it into their classrooms because of the increased academic focus for younger and younger children. We need to redesign the way we evaluate how we teach and assess preschoolers and we have to work together with parents, school leaders and colleagues to change the trajectory for children who are being left behind.

What else do you need to know?

If you are an ECD teacher or play/speech or occupational therapist who wants to enhance your skills and understanding of play-based teaching and learning then this Masterclass is a MUST.