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Are you looking for a unique business opportunity within early education?

Bring quality early education to your neighbourhood with Play Sense Franchise Program. The franchise program is our flagship offering and includes everything you need to start a profitable play school in your region. Whether you are a teacher who wants to take the next step in your career, a therapist who wants to boost your practice income or an entrepreneur who recognises the profitability of premium education, our franchise program is designed to meet your unique needs.

Igniting quality early education

We believe in empowering women to become a business owners & experience the far
reaching benefits of playful learning

Why become a Play Sense franchise owner?

  • Play Sense offers one of the most affordable franchise opportunities available on the market.
  • Play Sense comprehensive training empowers you to start your own business and succeed.
  • You don’t have to do it all alone. You have 360° operational, admin, marketing and teacher support.

A complete business in a box

A Play Sense franchise comes complete with everything you need to start a micro-play school in your region. You may be thinking that investing in a franchise is big commitment. It is, but don’t let the costs of a franchise put you off. You are investing in your future. 

The most commonly questions we hear from prospective franchisees is “How much will it cost?” and “How much will I make?” These are both important questions.


This once-off fee covers your business set-up, comprehensive training & mentorship, PLUS an entire Play Kit which has all of the equipment you need to set up your school. All of this for only R45,000!

And as part of our effort to empower entrepreneurship, we offer a discount on upfront payment.


Play Sense provides extensive ongoing business support to allow you to offer a professional service and for this will charge an ongoing fee of 19% of your income. We advertise your playschool via our online marketplace, we administer parent applications and enrolments and we manage all billing and invoicing. That means less stress and admin for you and more time to focus on what you love – teaching!

Our 360-degree support also includes liability insurance, monthly training, free access to toddler talks for you and your group’s parents, support from an OT, support from our incredible teacher community and use of our proprietary curriculum.

Play Sense will also only start deducting royalties once your school is up & running. How much you will earn will be determined by the proposed school fees for your target market and our combined effort to drive enrolments. Our most successful franchisees are great brand ambassadors that believe in our philosophy and work hard to establish themselves in their community.

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Are you a Play Sense Teacher?

Ever wondered whether you could take the plunge and start your own playschool? Take our quiz to see if our Play Sense franchise opportunity it right for you!  

Ready to get started?

We pride ourselves in working with only the best to bring quality play-based early education to every region in South Africa. Our comprehensive franchise program includes a thorough vetting process to ensure that a franchise is the best option for you and for us.

1. Do you have the drive to start and grow your own business?

We want you to succeed and be inspired as a Play Sense business owner. Our franchise program includes a thorough vetting process to ensure that a franchise is the best option for you and for us.

2. Are you passionate about working with young children?

Your love for little ones and quality education is the foundation of your decision to become a Play Sense franchisee.

3. complete an application

Submit your application today and start living your dream of owning your own play school with Play Sense.

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About Play Sense

Do you have questions?

Some ECD programs are exempt from registration and licensing, depending on the type of program and where and when it operates. 


In South Africa, as an example, the government currently requires that individual playschools with more than 6 children register with the Department of Social Development. Since Play Sense playschool groups accommodate for 6 or less children, they are not required to register. 


Play Sense is certified as a Registered Early Childhood Development Program with the Department of Social Development, but individual franchisees need not register their playschool unless they plan on running multiple groups on one site. Our Play Sense PLUS programme allows for franchisees to purchase more than one franchise and is a popular way to grow your franchise business. 

No, we do not assign specific territories at Play Sense. Because our group sizes are small, we can have multiple playschools running in the same area at any given time. It all depends on local demand from parents. During the application process, we will discuss the viability of a Play Sense franchise in your area and you will be given more information about other franchisees operating in and around your region. If you’d like to see where some of our schools are currently operating, you can find our current groups here

Once you have signed your contract, you will enter into our current training intake. Training generally runs over 3 weeks and is done online at your own pace. Depending on whether or not your venue is secured, your playschool can start as soon as you have completed training and have at least 2-3 children enrolled, and unless there is a pipeline of prospective parents in place prior to you signing, it can take a few months to grow your playschool. 


The Play Sense program is advertised nationally and digital marketing is also targeted in specific regions where our franchisees operate. Play Sense prioritises marketing for teachers with the lowest numbers in their groups to assist them in growing their business, and also runs online toddler workshops frequently to generate parent leads for our franchise playschool owners. 


We cannot guarantee how long it will take to get a group going, nor are we able to guarantee the number of children in your group, but what we can guarantee is that you have the backing and support of a trusted brand. Our most successful franchisees are great brand ambassadors that believe in our philosophy and work hard to establish themselves in their community. 

Play Sense Franchisees operate from a variety of venues – either their own homes, a rented space (such as a church or garden flat) or they will be hosted by a Play Sense parent. Play Sense can either assist in advertising for a parent host home for your micro-playschool, or if we have a parent host home waiting for a teacher in your territory we can assist in pairing you with a host. Host homes cannot always be guaranteed, but many of our franchisees run their groups very successfully from parent host homes. 

Host homes come in all shapes and sizes, but the indoor room where the playschool takes place must be a minimum size as dictated by local regulations. We recommend a floor space of about 4 x 4 metres. This can be a shared living space in the home (sitting room or dining room, etc.) or a separate room (converted garage, sun room, etc.). There also needs to be a fenced outside area where the children can play safely, with water hazards and pets screened off. All host homes are thoroughly checked and assessed for safety before being approved as a venue, and the teacher is responsible for the monitoring safety hazards daily. 

Play Sense playschools take place weekday mornings, Monday to Friday, from 08h30 to 12h00. As a Play Sense teacher you can adjust the start and end time as needed, whilst ensuring a full 3 ½ hour program is maintained, but essentially it is a part-time, mornings-only commitment. Our playschool program requires a minimum of 3 days per week, although it is recommended that teachers do not limit their days as this can limit their potential to fill and grow their playschools. Many parents choose to start on 3 days and will usually increase days to 4 or 5 as their child settles in group. 

Our proprietary curriculum is developed by Occupational Therapists and parenting experts (and mothers) to teach toddlers in an age appropriate way. Research has proven that guided imaginary play is the best way children age 2 to 4 learn language, social skills, and self-regulation. 


Our all-important imaginary playplan is weaved into our daily curriculum, along with sensory & art activities, music & movement and outdoor play to ensure an enriched morning of play-based learning. If you’re all about play, then our curriculum was designed just for you! To hear more about the Power of Play, take a look at what our Director of Education has to say in our ECD Masterclass on Playfulness. 

Teachers are required to invest in our Play Kit for their franchise playschool. The kit contains everything the teacher needs to run the program and the equipment is very specifically aligned to the activities in our curriculum. 

Training is conducted online over a 3-week period and can mostly be done in your own time except for two live Q&A sessions with our co-founders. You may be required to do 2 weeks of job shadowing at one of our schools and you will also enter into our Accelerator Program to ensure 1:1 training, guidance and support as a new franchisee. For more on what our training covers, please check the above training section where each module is detailed in full.

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